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30 Years Teaching Experience


"Gratitude to my mentors for the tools given to me I now share with others"


"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare

Rediscover: Spontaneity Freedom Play

Lose the Layers of Defense



Jules has over 30 years teaching experience.

He is a Certified Alexander Teacher, Certified Williamson Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher and Partner Dance Teacher.

Jules specializes in working with Performers and Non-Performers, offering Group Practices and Private Sessions. 

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The exercises & explorations are fun and at same time deepen Self Awareness & Wellbeing. The discoveries made through this Somatic Processing can serve as a powerful gateway for growth & healing. Furthermore, these awareness explorations can be extremely useful for those in traditional Psychotherapy, as they allow people to identify and verbalize the unseen or unprocessed experience that has been stored in the body.


performing arts

It was through movies that I saw conflicts confronted and characters pursue their passion for life against all odds. Whether a character succeeded or failed, growth always occurred. In hindsight, I can see this is what fueled my passion to act, dance, direct and teach, as I saw performing as a powerful voice to make a difference in the world and hopefully make it a little better place.

Today, my life’s work has expanded beyond the performing arts as people of all walks of life benefit from these transformational movement awareness tools that I studied and now teach. They bring down defenses, open our hearts and empathy to self and others in this crazy and brilliant thing called life.



  • 1st professional role as an actor was at age 8.

  • At age 17, began touring worldwide as a Specialty Partner Dancer Act (Adagio, Latin, Ballroom and Argentine Tango)

  • 19 year Association with the William Esper Studio.

  • 11 years as Williamson Technique Movement Teacher at the William Esper Studio.

  • Graduate of the William Esper Studio's 2-Year Acting Program in 2002 and continued studies with William Esper for 7 more years.

  • Under the direction & guidance of Theo Morin, I received teacher training of the Williamson Technique. I am grateful to Theo Morin for the 12 years of mentoring I received.

  • Amy Adams' dance partner in the movie Enchanted and I have been in projects with Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, Marc Anthony, Patrick Swayze, Natalie Portman and directed by Barry Levinson.

  • Extensive Course work at USC, UCLA & AFI in film studies.

  • Produced and Directed the Award Winning Short Film FILMNOIR written by Allan Knee in 2014.

  • Certified Alexander Teacher. I express my deepest appreciation to A.C.A.T. for it was the training I received there that truly raised me into my stride as a Master Teacher.

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Union / Alison West).

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