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"Jules Helm is an extraordinarily gifted Teacher and Artist. His years of experience in The Williamson Technique, The Alexander Technique, The Meisner Technique, and in various Dance and Movement modalities is unparalleled. 

As a professional Actor and Teacher, I can say first hand, that the difference Jules has made in catapulting Artists’ creativity, unlocking their talents and combining a sense of play and progression throughout the process has been powerful, profound and long lasting. 

Jules’s ability to free the actor’s physical instrument, explode artists’ imaginations, and to develop their technique is insightful, impactful and fun! 

He is a true Master in his field and doing some of the best work of its kind.

I would recommend Jules to any actor or creative who is ready to explore the next-level of their work, and to any human being who wishes to expand, deepen and enrich their human experience and overall quality of life. 

Jules’s supreme passion, compassion and fun-loving Spirit are an absolute treasure. He is the winning combination-and a total Gem, to boot!"


“No words will be enough to express the gratitude I felt after studying one year with Jules. The beauty of the work, the common creation of a safe space, the freedom, but mostly the compassion, generosity and professionalism that he brought into the room every class, allowed me to explore my self, trust unconditionally, and therefor learn more that I could have ever imagined.”



 "You’d have to have traveled far and wide to find someone who lives up to their name more than Jules. I studied movement with him for two years at the Esper Studio and it was one of the most prolific and profound journeys that I have ever been on. I cannot thank Jules enough for the tools he gave me during that time. Tools that go beyond the craft acting and can be applied to everything I do in life henceforth."


Jules Helm is a magnificent and inspired instructor.  He is a committed, reliable and calming presence.  Even his voice alone is enough to calm the nervous system while taking his class.


Under his professional guidance, I have been able to effect positive changes in my posture, gait and skeletal organization that no physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor has been able to achieve after years of trying.  It's because he cares. And because he has the talent and expertise to notice the small details that impact the body. He carefully tracks a client's progress and builds on improvements, allowing me to make a huge transformation over the past year.  I am not just pleased, realigning my neck and spine is  potentially life saving.

n addition, Jules creates a warm and supportive atmosphere where people like to hang out and support each other.

People come to Jules' class for the transformation and stay for the community.  And again, most of all because he cares.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jules to anyone - and do!



"The experience we had in Jules’ class is something I can carry with me throughout my entire life. It was a space that held so much of our emotions, so much of our artistic exploration, and so much of our need to share and take heavy loads off of our shoulders, and it was all so incredibly curated by Jules. Each class was an opportunity to experience, to feel without shame, to decompress, to rediscover, to understand how important movement and our incorporation of it into our artistic work could truly change not only our art but also our lifestyle, our way of connecting with each other. I thank Jules’s class as being the door I had to open to enter a new world of connections with my fellow artists and human beings. I can’t stress enough how well and professionally Jules would handle the atmosphere that could go from emotionally charged, to hanging heavy with doubt and weight, to popping off the walls with excitement and joy. Each experience was a blessing. I would recommend working with Jules to anyone looking to discover not just movement but also freedom in expression and connection.”






"Studying movement under Jules has been one of the most liberating, memorable, and valuable experiences in my life. It has not only helped me grow incredibly as an actor, but also as a human being. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced so many breakthroughs in both my body and mind under Jules’s guidance that I could use to my benefit for acting. He creates a very safe environment for actors to grow and express themselves as freely as they can, he’s fully there with his heart. He understands actors being an actor himself, deeply cares about his students, and is incredibly passionate about the work. Movement has been one of the most essential classes in my acting training. It teaches you so many incredibly valuable things and frees your body and spirit. I can absolutely and most highly recommend it to anyone!”





“I loved working with Jules. After every movement session with him, I felt energized and freer to express myself artistically. With sensitivity and keen observational skill, he creates a sense of community in his classes.”






"Jules is a passionate teacher with the patience and knowledge to help you improve your skill set regardless of your current level of expertise. If you trust him you will emerge a stronger artist with a sharper sense of self."





“I studied with Jules, when I was at the William Esper school for acting from 2008-2010. He was always very kind and in a good mood. At the time he was teaching the dance class, which was not a strong suit of mine. However Jules was always very encouraging, trying the get the best out of all the students that he taught, me included. Always looking for the little things that you improved. I even joined a dance class one evening every week for half a year, as he made me want to improve, made me want to get it. I give Jules all the best of my recommendations, for every student of his is lucky to have studied with him.”






"Jules is one of the best teachers I've ever had and his Movement class at William Esper Studio is the best class I've taken in any discipline. I felt comfortable and free in the class to express myself, which is thanks to Jules who fostered a nurturing environment that allowed the whole class to connect in a truly magical and life changing way where we could grow as actors and human beings. On this bedrock of freedom and openness, Jules also taught us techniques in movement and acting which I still use to this day. Jules always had great advice on a personal level that I could bring into my other classes. One of the most useful elements he taught me to stay involved with the reality of a scene was to create an inner dialogue which reminded me about the specific relationship circumstances I had with my scene partner. In short, Jules doesn't just teach, he opens the channels of the student to be able to more effectively learn what is being taught, in movement class, acting class, and everything else he or she encounters as an actor."






“Being in Jules class was always a relief for me in body, mind and spirit. I felt I could do or go anywhere in the container that was provided with poignant yet subtle guidance.”






“I had the privilege of studying Williamson Movement Technique under Jules Helm at the William Esper Studio for two years in conjunction with my exploration of the Meisner Technique. I found Jules’ coaching to be very illuminating and exciting, but more importantly, integral in my formation of my personal acting technique. To this day I use the breath to sound exercise as a warmup before any audition/performance and it has proven to be effective in grounding myself and centering my vibrations. Through this work, I was able to open my body and pair the emotional life with physical actions through movement. I highly recommend working with Jules as it proved to be quintessential in my understanding and practice of the Meisner Technique.”






“Movement with Jules was a life-changing experience I’ll never forget. He consistently created a safe, nurturing environment to explore the depths of my soul with music, movement, and technique. I continue to use a lot of what he taught me in my preparations for auditions and performances, and I often find myself smiling as a remember experiences I had with my classmates in the movement studio with Jules.”





"Jules is an extraordinary human being. I feel very privileged for having him as my movement teacher for the past two years at the William Esper Studio. The environment that he created in his classes allowed me and my fellow students to freely express ourselves and embrace the chaotic journey of self exploration and artistic growth. I’m grateful for all those beautiful moments that I experienced.”






“ I have had the privilege of working with Jules Helm in Tango, Salsa and Movement at The William Esper Studio. His professionalism and enthusiasm has given me a safe space to grow as an artist, trust myself as an individual and find joy in the unknown of each moment. In the chaos of New York City we, as students, have had an open channel of expression. One in which we were respected, acknowledged and guided with insight. Learning under Jules Helm’s tutelage has been and will continue to be inspirational ground work in my professional career.”






“Jules class is an amazing place to let go and become free of your inhibitions. Unlike anything I’ve experienced. He creates an amazingly comfortable environment to explore. Couldn’t recommend it enough!”






“I had an incredible time working with Jules. I had the privilege of working with him for both Movement and Dance and I can say with absolute certainty that both of these experiences made me who I am as an actor. Jules’ passion for the work excited all of us on a daily basis and made coming to class an absolute joy. It only took three classes for me to fall in love with the technique and I owe it all to Jules. He created such a welcoming, loving, community-based and creative environment for us to discover ourselves physically and emotionally as actors. I rediscovered my sense of play like never before and I took that work into my acting classes, finding an incredible freedom! I have said it before and I will always say it I would not be in the same place in my work without Jules and his movement class! Thanks again for an amazing experience Jules, it’s been unforgettable!“






“Movement technique is an invaluable source to my instrument as a performer. One major benefit was the freedom from the insecurities I had about my body and presence that held my beautiful individuality in the grip of fear. But without Jules as the guiding light in the experience and knowledge of the technique coupled with his steadfast commitment, I would have never found the breakthroughs and discoveries I will apply to my career as a performer forever! Full of humour, honesty, excellence and humility Jules creates an environment for his students to excel and thrive in there abilities!”






"Jules has been instrumental in my growth personally and as an actor. He takes the time to address each students needs and helps them grow in an encouraging and safe environment. It’s evident that Jules genuinely cares for his students, making his class a place where you can really give yourself over to the work."






“By having an open and honest dialogue with his students Jules creates an atmosphere of evolution. A caring and deliberate hand to lead the soul of an artist further through it’s journey.”







“I had the pleasure of taking Dance and Movement classes with Jules throughout my two year full program at the Esper Studio.


Jules is a hybrid of a human being. He is tough when your growth needs it and sweet when your creative soul needs it. Because of Jules I was able to understand aspects of my work and who I am as a person.


He made acting so much simpler by showing , through dance and movement to trust the other person and have fun ! Jules is a teacher and person who deeply cares about your progress ,how you feel and what you need.


If you want serious training and understanding to take your life to the next level then Jules is the right person for you.”






“Jules’ Movement class provides a safe environment where you can empathize and connect with your acting peers and maintain a clear mind and get in touch with some emotions that you may have bottled up for a long time, speaking for myself as someone who spent most of my life not crying or allowing myself to be vulnerable, I can tell you that Movement will definitely help anybody open up and be able to use it in their acting, Jules is the best at guiding you to that place.


Movement has been one of the most essential classes in my acting training. It teaches you so many incredibly valuable things and frees your body and spirit. I can absolutely and most highly recommend it to anyone!”






“Movement class with Jules was a completely eye opening experience. Having done other movement classes at other acting schools, I felt pretty secure in my ability to freely express myself, but once in the class I realized that I felt quite reserved in my own body, and Jules really helped me open up and accept the world around me. 


In his class I felt comfortable enough to acknowledge what I was going through in life, whether it be good or bad, and successfully put it into the work. Our class grew together, in a very safe environment. His class was one that I always looked forward to, because I always left feeling fulfilled and much more comfortable with the mental and physical space I was in.”






“Jules Helm creates a safe, nurturing, and creative space for students to explore themselves and one another. 


Jules gently introduces exercises and techniques, and empowers students to find their most authentic, immediate connection with their bodies. 


Jules listens to students' needs and meets students at their comfort level, patiently encouraging them to explore. 


This work is beneficial not only to actors, but to anyone who wants a more meaningful and sensitive relationship with himself or others. It has shifted the way that I move in the world, and the way I connect with others. I cannot overstate the importance of movement work in growth as an artist or as a human being.”






“My experience in Movement 1 and 2 with Jules is a time that I will always look back on as hugely transformative. The movement work was one of the major influences that open me up to being able to embrace the rest of my acting work at the studio fully. In my memory, each class was a multitude visceral experiences-joy, sorrow, rage, sensuality - but what meant even more to me than the physical expression and processing of these feelings was the space that Jules and my peers held for me to explore them. A sense of belonging was cultivated that allowed for me to go deep, to work intricately and specifically and to feel a sense of safety in doing so. It was precious and irreplaceable. For me, Jules‘ class became a space to bring who I was to the table, wherever I was at and that version was unconditionally welcomed with open arms, literally. I will never be the same, thankfully so.“






“I have the privilege of working with Jules in both Movement and Dance, and it was one of the most life-changing experiences I could have ever had. The safe and nurturing environment Jules creates mixed with his artistic and compassionate spirit provided my classmates and I with the unique space in which we were able to truly be vulnerable, take risks and grow. Through working with Jules, I was able to find a sense of both physical and emotional freedom that I utilize not only in my acting, but also in life. I can honestly say without a doubt that I would not be the artist and person I am today if it was not for him.”



“The movement work with Jules is a journey that you go on together. It’s not like you reach week 8 and suddenly get it, it’s a gradual process were each week another piece of the puzzle starts to click. Jules sharing his own experiences and wisdom along the way helped me be brave enough to find my own path and almost every day I hear his words in my head. I can now embrace the idea of that, as I am part of the universe, all the potentials Of the universe are inside me.”






“Jules rose to the challenge. He took the duties of two separate teachers and did it without a single complaint. During all of this, if I needed time after class, he was there for me. 

Six years after acting school, I still think back to the magic that was created in that room. Jules was the conductor of an experience that open me up in many ways.”






"Jules’ Movement class was hands-down one of the most life-changing classes I could have taken. He helped me become comfortable with my own body, which I never thought would happen. He made the environment of the class safe and warm-and allowed us to fully open up. He helped us become better actors by allowing our body to free itself up of any blockage or tension that may have been holding us back when it comes to being our best self on stage and screen. Not only is it obvious Jules loves what he does, but you know he loves helping others become free through movement. I wish I had words to describe my class with Jules but there isn’t any words to even describe what the class meant to me and the forever impact it will have on my life.“







“I expected Movement to aid my training as an actor. What I got instead was something much more valuable. Jules created it and facilitated a space where my peers and I could learn from fellow artists and grow into more attentive and compassionate human beings. The safety and sanctity of the space is something one experiences once in a lifetime (if you’re lucky). I have nothing but gratitude for Jules and the class and I am certain I would not be the actor, artist and person that I am today if it wasn’t for him.”






“Movement class provides a safe space where actors can learn to live in the moment, take things in more, and become more in touch with their feelings. Are used to be very emotionally block and now I feel like I am living the fullest version of every experience.”






“The level of growth and self discovery my classmates and I were able to achieve was only possible because of the safe, nurturing and free space Jules held for us. I practice lessons I learned in his class daily. He is a true treasure.”






"Movement with Jules is something I looked forward to each week in my training. It was incredibly liberating to be able to move and release in a safe space with fellow actors. The feelings of expansion, growth enjoy that come from taking movement is like nothing else I have ever experienced! I will always hold memories of classes close to my heart!"







"Jules is one of the most genuinely caring teachers I have ever had. The environment he creates in his class allows for true vulnerability and exploration, with no fear of judgment. I grew immensely from my experience of working with him, into a better actor and human."







“Jules created a safe space for me to try on new and different things. He encourages everybody in the class to participate, no exceptions! And for us to participate from where we were, not where we were supposed to be in the journey of our learning. He is gentle but firm, encouraging while also instilling the discipline of practice. He understood that we started at different levels and he let us grow from there.“







“Jules does a fantastic job of cultivating a sense of safety and intimacy in class, creating an environment where you can take risks without fear of reprisal. There is a freedom to fail there, and that something I found absolutely necessary for the creation of vulnerable powerful work.“







“While working with Jules in various movement-based classes, I caught myself on several occasions saying, “how didn’t I know that already? That seems so crucial!“ Jules’ Mastery of the body opened my mind to so many aspects of myself I’ve never been aware of, and his ongoing search to better understanding the mind and emotions keep me learning and growing on a daily basis. I’ve shared some of my best laughs with Jules while learning about Laban effort’s, new stretches, the Tango and even his own life experiences. I recommend his insight to anyone who is looking to take their training to the next step and truly own their instrument’s potential.“






“I always been shy and self-conscious about that, but through Jules’ class I came to understand movement as a means of self-expression and an art form. Class felt safe, protected space where I could take chances and see what my body had to teach me. I am more free as an artist today thanks to the discoveries I made with Jules.”







“Movement Class with Jules was a transformational experience. It empowered me to express myself through my body with honesty, to say the ineffable. I am forever grateful for that, for giving me the space while sharing. Truth is not isolated it is shared.“







“Jules helped me to get to another level in my acting and my vulnerability. His gentle and caring spirit seeps into his teaching and helps you reach new levels of body and emotional knowledge that are absolutely necessary for an actor. I highly recommend Jules to anyone serious about taking they’re acting to a new level.”







“The movement work in Jules’ class was a breakthrough for me. To this day and forever, the work is a vital part of my attempt to live, breathe and sense the moment as fully as I can, both as an actor and as a human being. Also making an effort not to be so hard on myself and accepting that “this is where and how I am today.” The starting point. The work freed and opened my body through the 10 minute exercise (I call it the body scan) and especially the drunk exercise was vital to reawaken and stimulate my senses. In the class Jules observantly in the background but always near to support and point you in the right direction of the emotional/physically path you need to dare to go on and explore.”








“Jules has an amazingly warm and supportive way of teaching. He makes everyone feel safe to take risks. He comes from the heart and is genuine and generous on many levels. I love working with Jules and Look forward to working with him again soon!!“






“Working with Jules was fantastic. He is thoughtful when he teaches, takes time for each actor and he cultivates a safe environment for his students to explore, learn and grow.“







“Jules made me realize the beauty of connecting with my dance partner is in class. It used to be challenging for me to dance with other people but Jules made it simple, effortless and extremely fun!”






“I am very grateful with this class because I was always encouraged to go farther and that made me grow so much and discover many things about myself, it was an amazing experience, thank you so much Jules for sharing your passion and dedication with your class.”






“I took movement classes with Jules for almost 2 years. And in that time I discovered some of my best attributes as an actor. I learned about how important physicality is and how important your body is, it’s the instrument for the actor. Learning how to be free with your body was only just the beginning. In Jules’ class I learned how to access my emotional life through movement. And I learned how important it is to remember that you and all the other actors around you are really just children wanting to play. I still quote that class and do some movement in the morning before I go to an addition. “I have no apologies.““






"I entered the class as someone who felt uneasy in my own body, to say the least. I remember one moment in a night class where it felt as though chains were being broken off of me, as I pranced around the room with a smile on my face. I never thought this sort of freedom was possible for me. I will always be grateful I took his class."







"Class with Jules changed my life. I discovered with Jules how the breath is the fuel for my creative life. It was an amazing experience to explore my body and make creative mistakes. I always looked forward to meeting with Jules and my group and I would do it again.”







"I had the privilege to study with Jules for two years at William Esper Studio. It was a life changing journey. The safety of the space and the community Jules helped us create was truly incredible. It allowed everyone of us to be open, to connect, to accept so to be free to understand and create. All that matters is the first step - Jules guided me to the right direction."







"What I loved about Jules is his capacity to be patient and giving. Because he feels things so deeply he invites you to do the same and therefore you tend to find more freedom in class. He is great intuitively in knowing when to help put “hands on” to help you release or move through something that blocks you. His classes are intimate and go deep. For me, it was so very helpful to have this very deep intimate space off stage in order to feel more comfortable on stage."






"Passionate, compassionate, and empathetic… Jules’ understanding of the physical life and craft the Meisner actor led me to an incredible new place in my art and development at Esper Studio. He created a safe and sacred space for myself and my class to push boundaries in our bodies, merging our emotional life with the physical. Jules knows how to encourage growth and take command of a class in a mindful and delicate way. His movement class not only informs the artist, but also allows you be you, and discover parts of yourself at your most human core. And it’s healing. I am forever grateful I was able to study with him."







“Having the opportunity to work with Jules was truly an enriching experience. I was fortunate enough to work with him in dance as well as movement. He has an energy about him where it doesn’t feel like a classroom setting. It’s more like you’re hanging out with a friend. A friend who knows much more than you and you learn from every single day. I highly recommend him as an instructor, and one would be languid to not capitalize on the opportunity.”






“I really enjoyed Jules class. I was given a safe and comfortable space to be vulnerable and grow. Jules’s method is specific, understandable and actionable. The techniques he thought me reflected in my acting work as I was able to ground myself before every performance and reach deeper into myself while feeling safe, confident and vulnerable. I still use what Jules has taught me in my day to day work and I can only recommend every actor to add these tools to their repertoire.”







"Jules is a beautiful teacher that teaches you how to relax and trust yourself as he takes you through your journey of learning. His knowledge of movement and history will improve not only your skills but help you better yourself as a person. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks!"






"Working with Jules was a pivotal time for me as an actress. The movement classes taught me the importance of having a connection to not only my body but also my classmates and environment. We did a check-in with our bodies every class. This allowed me permission to check in with my body and not judge it, or try to change what I felt. To not make anything wrong with me. It allowed me to work with my body in the moment where it was at. To move through the space with the other classmates making contact then letting that person go. Not judging that moment either but moving on to the next person. Jules safely provided a space to understand the importance of moving through space safely and really feeling the ground beneath my feet. I will never forget the time where we were doing a check-in. I felt my body relax. It almost melted into the floor. It almost felt like my body had relaxed so much that the floor had caught me. I was totally safe. I felt completely safe. That to me was about the importance of being grounded with a relaxed body. This tool is something I carry into my life as a human being and actor. I also remember being told we were exactly where we were supposed to be. I remember saying no way. I just want to stay here and never leave. This" In the moment feeling" was temporary for me. When I would leave class and life got in the way I longed for that thought to really understand it. It took me a couple of year's. It finally hit me. That was about being in the moment. Accepting it for whatever it was without judging it. Working off if that and being free. Jules was always encouraging. He let us be who we were instead of trying to change us.








“Wow where do I begin? The entire experience of movement class with Jules cracked me open and gave way to power and sensation I had know idea mere humans could access. Every day, Jules created a sacred environment for each one of us to tap into a facet of our artists’ potential that was safe and honest and loving. He takes great care of his students and is genuinely invested in the quality of our journey. You don’t meet many teachers willing to bare themselves to their pedagogy the way Jules does. He is attentive, thoughtful, and vulnerable in a way that encourages his students to also be with themselves, each other, and their craft. But I think the most important quality Jules has as a teacher that sets him apart from others is that he enjoys the work WITH us— he does not teach from on high but is a contributing energy that we are able to get to know on a level that transcends speech and pedestrian communication. In that regard, he truly does act as an essential piece of the great machine each class uniquely creates, not out of ego or hierarchy, but for the joy of connection. He moves with us and comforts us when we are stuck and celebrates in our joyous outbursts. In movement we learn to take each moment we experience— good, bad, shitty, sad—- and use it to see ourselves and be seen and understand how we see or why or just THAT we see. Essential for an artist or for others simply trying to find their way. There’s nothing quite like it. You’d have to experience it for yourself to understand what we, his abundantly grateful students, are talking about.”






"My experiences in Movement class with Jules were among the most memorable and valuable of my entire acting training. Thank you Jules for the wonderful insight and for helping me grow as an artist."






"We often go through our days checked out of our bodies and unaware of happenings in the present moment. If our bodies are blocked, then so is our acting. By taking movement class with Jules, I was able to discover awareness of all my physical tendencies as an actor- such as where I hold tension and how to release it. Jules carries an inviting energy and is empathetic towards all of his students. He promotes a safe space for his students to take the risks necessary to grow as artists. I take what I learned from movement class and apply it into my everyday routine- I'm eternally grateful for the tools Jules has given me to this day. I strongly recommend actors to take this class!"


"The atmosphere in these classes welcomed me and allowed to explore, express and discover. This holy space taught me how important it is to release your inner emotions through movement and free your soul."





“Jules class is just is very spiritual, very heartwarming and always a pleasure. I cannot only recommend it to every artist, but also to every human being.”






“Before going throughout Jules movement and dance training , I felt my body was often holding me back in my performance. I felt often some subtle or even strong tension. I would rarely feel free in my performance. Class after class in the 2 years with Jules throughout a series of fun experiences and powerful insights that spontaneously came to me throughout the work, I experienced my body releasing old tensions and patterns. At a certain point to my astonishment my body from an obstacle, started feeling lighter and free, something close to that famous ‘pure vessel’ to express the truth I was so eager to reveal throughout my stage work. Moving became smooth and natural. Jules is an incredibly inspiring and respectful teacher, he leads you without pushing you till you naturally follow through. His training is extremely rigorous and wildly fun at the same time. I would recommend it to every serious actor or performer honestly seeking purity of expression in his art. I would honestly recommend it to anyone willing to regain freedom and innocence in the body.”






“Being a student of Jules was pivotal in my growth and development as an actor. He taught me how to truly be in tune with and listen to my body as an overall instrument and medium for creating art. With his guidance and teachings I gained a much deeper understanding of what it really meant to give, to receive, and how to allow the body and voice to truly move and connect with other artists in a safe and explorative environment.”






“I could never have anticipated the difference studying movement with Jules would make for my acting and for my living. The sheer, experiential quality, the unmotivated, alive-level living that goes on when you trust the space you're in, and then, further along in the work & yourself.”







"Jules cultivates a magical movement environment! One feels safe enough to remain open and vulnerable whilst taking creative risks and truly connecting to one another in class! Movement was and has remained one of my favorite classes that I have ever taken!"




“Jules offers a journey into the Human Heart. I felt safe, loved, and understood, in an environment where the only rule is to be free. This class is a tribute to Life.”






“Going into movement class, I had my reservations about what type of experiences I would have, and just how comfortable I would be with them. Jules created an environment in that studio that was always welcoming, inclusive, and educational in so many ways. I started the class very much closed off, having worked for many years in an environment that required I show little to no outward emotion. After working with Jules, all the channels, I had blocked off for years to stifle the outward appearance, and consequently, inward effect of most of my emotions and feelings, were finally opened up, and I was able to grow as not only an artist, but a person as well. The atmosphere that Jules created in his classes fostered this very important development, and I feel very lucky to have had him as a teacher.”






"Jules Helm has an uncanny ability to create a safe space for exploration. When I entered Jules class, the barriers of my physical life were putting up a fight, but through his work I exited the experience listening to my body for cues in a way that I hadn’t previously been aware I could. It changed my art, changed the way I interact with people and I think it’s the most useful thing an artist can do for themselves. His honesty and compassion, not to mention true intelligence with his work, make him a trusted and incredible teacher.”






“Jules taught me how to center my body in the midst of chaos. To this day I utilize his teachings to listen, connect, and move my body in optimal ways. I always felt encouraged to show up to class exactly how I was feeling and safe to express my emotions. I was also able to unlock and free areas of tension with his guidance. Jules is extremely passionate in all his work and cares for every student which is reflected in his teaching.”






“Jules is one of the most passionate and dedicated teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He made class fun and easy, and kept it a professional and safe environment. It was always apparent that he cares deeply for the material he teachers and for the students he teaches it to.”






“Jules’s attention to his students needs and wants separates him from any other instructor I have been taught by. He creates a safe environment for his students, allowing us to reach our full potential with out fear or judgement. His teaching style makes classes feel crucial to life and growth and creates a strong desire to be in attendance. I truly enjoy having the opportunity to be taught by such a great instructor/mentor.”






“As a person who experiences intense anxiety, movement class was simultaneously challenging and eye opening. Every day I would go in with a bit of fear, and leave feeling free. Jules knew how hard it could be to tackle our demons, but through sharing his own experiences he created a space that felt safe. I am certain that the growth I felt during my first year at the Esper Studio could be largely attributed to his class, and that the techniques I learned were life changing.”






“My time spent in the actors movement course has stayed with me through many years. It is where I learned to be free in my body, and to express myself amongst others in a safe and vulnerable way. Jules really helped in providing an atmosphere that aloud for us to play, yet kept a keen eye on our process and made sure to keep us focused on just what the work is about.”





“I am very grateful for having had the chance to work with Jules for almost two years. With his infinite patience and heartfelt kindness, Jules created an exceedingly safe and freeing environment in which we were able to be vulnerable, let go, and grow as artists. He would gently and respectfully guide us on our explorations, with keen insight that was individually tailored to each one of us. I could tell he really cared about our development and took the time to reflect on how best to help us. He has a way of broaching delicate matters with such sensitivity that the listener would be more than receptive to what he was saying. He was also very generous with sharing many of his own experiences with us while we’d be discussing a topic. I was touched by those instances and found those reflections really valuable to me on my own journey. I feel very fortunate to have had Jules as my teacher and am thankful for the time we had together.”






“Jules’ movement class initially scared me more than any other acting class I have taken. However, because of the love, strength, and care Jules exhibits as a teacher, I left the class with a new level of confidence in myself as an artist and person. Anyone who has the privilege of working with him will quickly discover Jules’ warmth, genuine attention to all his students, and the overall safe, welcoming atmosphere he creates.”






“Jules facilitates and guides students through the work in a space where they can truly let go and fully experience the beautiful art of movement.”







“I became free of judgement and prison created by my memories of fear. My guide(teacher), Jules and my classmates showed me In the class how to leave all that behind and just be here and now, be present, go past fear. I am grateful for every moment of it.”







“Once you step foot inside Jules’s class, the atmosphere is like no other. It is more than learning. It is a safe exploration between yourself and the other artists around you. There are no limits! I don’t know a single person who hasn’t grown from working with him!”







“To work with Jules is to finally know the feeling of weightlessness. Without his guidance I would never have been able to make the largest steps towards building my process and uncovering not just who I am as an artist, but who I am on a daily basis, in my own skin, in my own space, in proximity to others. His passion is electric, his commitment undeniable to work with Jules is a blessing.”






“This class not only helped me with opening myself into the crafting in my art, but it helped me into understanding many things about myself and my life that I didn't want to even accept to be there. I would've never really understood some of my thoughts and feelings without this class. Also, I couldn't have done it without feeling safe in it, and having Jules and his humanity were definetly the reasons for feeling this way. I want to finish by stating this wasn't an easy process, but I'll forever be thankful to Jules for it.”








“Movement was a very unique and special experience for me. It was a way for me to focus on my inner self while still being aware of the external world around me however it is much more that. Jules promotes a very caring and understanding environment that is safe for all who enter his space. In his class I was not only able to express myself but I was able to do so without offending others or crossing any boundaries. The atmosphere is very welcoming and in his class I was able to show the real me and be accepted by others without having to feel ashamed for my inner self. Every moment in that class was beautiful experience of human connection and interaction on a level that is rare to come across.”







“The class was a place I could strip down my ego and be completely free to explore myself. I was encouraged and felt completely safe to discover my potential as an artist further and further.”







“In Jules classes we develop not only work ethics but the tools necessary for an actor's body posture and the development of his three-dimensional breathing.”







“Thank you for my arms!” I told Jules this recently when after months of work with him using the Alexander Technique, he finally freed up my frozen shoulder joints. I can now raise my arms straight over my head, even bend them back to get an upper spine stretch again. Bliss! Each session doesn’t seem like much, yet I no longer have pain in my knees, my sacroiliac joint, the accumulated wear of 58 years. After working with Jules for over 18 years, at first with private lessons in Latin Ballroom, creating extremely creative performances combining acting and mixed dances, I’ve had a lot of experience with Jules’ approach to Movement and Body work. Whether dancing or Alexander, the work has always involved upwellings of emotions, and Jules has never shied away when the tears come pouring out – and that is so incredibly freeing!







“Thank you for my arms!” I told Jules this recently when after months of work with him using the Alexander Technique, he finally freed up my frozen shoulder joints. I can now raise my arms straight over my head, even bend them back to get an upper spine stretch again. Bliss! Each session doesn’t seem like much, yet I no longer have pain in my knees, my sacroiliac joint, the accumulated wear of 58 years. After working with Jules for over 18 years, at first with private lessons in Latin Ballroom, creating extremely creative performances combining acting and mixed dances, I’ve had a lot of experience with Jules’ approach to Movement and Body work. Whether dancing or Alexander, the work has always involved upwellings of emotions, and Jules has never shied away when the tears come pouring out – and that is so incredibly freeing!”







“Jules has a great understanding of how to connect with students. I was fortunate to have him as a movement teacher and will forever be grateful for the tools he gave me. His class is essential not just for artists but for everyone."

M. M.

Jules Helm is a magnificent and inspired instructor.  He is a committed, reliable and calming presence.  Even his voice alone is enough to calm the nervous system while taking his class.

Under his professional guidance, I have been able to effect positive changes in my posture, gait and skeletal organization that no physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor has been able to achieve after years of trying.  It's because he cares. And because he has the talent and expertise to notice the small details that impact the body. He carefully tracks a client's progress and builds on improvements, allowing me to make a huge transformation over the past year.  I am not just pleased, realigning my neck and spine is  potentially life saving.

In addition, Jules creates a warm and supportive atmosphere where people like to hang out and support each other. People come to Jules' class for the transformation and stay for the community. 

"Gratitude to have been part of your journey. Honored to share a safe space for all to grow and find our own Way!" 


"Gratitude to my teachers and mentors."

Jules Helm


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