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mind/body intergration

"Practice not Perfection."


"Passion for Practice!"

"Practice Not Perfection."





Yoga has a long list of benefits. The Private Sessions I teach are designed to fit your specific needs. Typically, people who come to me are looking to reduce chronic physical pain or mental stress or are recovering from an injury or wish to prevent future injury. It is a collaborative process where the student and I work together to articulate ones particular physical and mental objectives.

In Person Group and Private Lessons on hold until after the Health Crisis Passes..


Session Rates


Regular $125

(55 minute)

Packages available



We build from there. Although there is an underlying consistency, no two lessons are the same, as each day brings different needs. My approach is a balance of traditional Asanas combined with Alexander Technique principles. It is more structural in its nature and the tempo varies to generate an ideal environment for the practitioner to truly drop into a kind of present/meditative state of mind, body and breath awareness while refining and deepening poses.


Goal: To balance & improve overall mental and physical health by reconditioning mental and physical pathways and habits through practice. Mindful Yoga Practice increases focus and concentration, peace of mind and flexibility and strength both mentally and physically.


Twelve years ago when I began to practice Yoga seriously I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. There are some wonderful Yoga teachers in the gym environment, however the mentality I brought to the gym was competitive and therefore forced and aggressive in its nature. I was Results Oriented and had a Compare and Despair attitude. I was judging myself, as I thought there is always somebody who could do a pose better. Or I would flatter my own ego (to try to build up my own self-esteem) when I could hold a pose longer or deeper. This did not create connection, community, wellbeing or harmony. In my opinion, this is not what Yoga is meant to be. And it is definitely not the way I practice or teach today!


I didn’t know what I was doing - and I didn’t know that I didn’t know what I was doing. Fortunately I stumbled onto teachers who were able to take the time, in a more personal setting, to start waking me up. They gave me feedback and made observations and I began to discover a much deeper and profounder Yoga Practice. Little by little thru the honest self confrontation and awareness of what I was really doing both mentally and physically in my practice, I started to see some of the habitual tricks & limiting beliefs my mind was playing as I moved my body. I was also learning how my individual body was designed so I could move through my practice in a healthy way, respecting the unique way in which my bones, joints, muscles and tissue were designed to move.


This Yoga Practice rolled over into every other aspect of my life by expanding my awareness to see more clearly and empowering me to make wiser choices.


I decided to do something different, to start letting go of some of the beliefs or habits that were holding me back, to respect and accept my body, mind & spirit for its uniqueness, instead of comparing. This approach to my Practice began to show me that by changing myself on the inside, things outside begin to change in my favor. In short, the way I treat myself is the way the world treats me.


The benefits I’ve received from Yoga motivated me to share the Practice and continue the tradition so others may grow & have more tools to enrich their lives.

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