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Process Unprocessed Experience
Expansive Behavior -Tension Free Body

Alexander & Williamson Technique

with Laban Basics

FIRST YEAR: Opening the Instrument:Exploration

Lose the Layers of Defense, Judgement and Control

SECOND YEAR: Application of the Physical Process of Acting

Total Transformation / Become the Character

"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare




The actor’s body is the actor’s instrument. To own virtuosity is to be completely present, connected, open, vulnerable and honestly responsive moment-by-unanticipated-moment with total abandon & without apology, while remaining completely tension free physically and vocally.


As mind & body are not separate, the Williamson Technique is a complete integrated approach supporting the entire actor’s instrument, inside and out.


  • Guiding awareness in the right direction

  • Remaining present Hearing & rediscovering your deepest truths

  • Life-Long Self-Discovery

  • Really seeing and connecting with others & the world around you

  • Deepening your imagination & creativity Willingness Release of judgment of self and others/acceptance of "what is" Release of fear & resistance

  • Not having to anticipate or expect but really trusting in the process of moment-by-unanticipated-moment

  • The total release of muscle tension and blocked breath so the instrument is rich, responsive and free

  • Physical Ease Spontaneity Permission to express feelings without apology, tension or blocking

  • The value of play, with the freedom & creativity of a child

  • Releasing control

  • Letting go of shallow Results-Oriented Work in exchange for Process-Oriented Work, setting the stage to allow great work to emerge organically & intuitively

  • Taking risks and/or falling in the right direction

  • Taking everything off the other actor(s)


  • Lose Self Consciousness

  • Melt Unnecessary Tension

  • Relieve Postural Habits of Rigidity & Gestural Defense

  • Lose Judgements & Inhibitions

  • Ease Breath

  • Develop Complete Vocal Openness

  • Process Unprocessed Emotions that have gotten stuck in the Body

  • Rediscover Your Truth

  • Open to the World & the Moment

  • Deepen Contact with Self & Others

  • Increase Command, Skill & Presence

  • Continue Mastery of your Craft

  • and

  • Have Fun!


The 4 Week Movement Sampler Class, which is an introduction to the 2 Year Williamson Movement Training Program. The focus of this Intro Class is to remove defenses, open your instrument & heart, so you can deeply connect with others and become completely free as you drop into spontaneous unanticipated magic of the moment.


This class is perfect blend of the Williamson Technique, Alexander Technique & some Laban Movement Analysis basics.


1st Year Class: Opening he Instrument/Rediscovering Authenticity: Exploration

2nd Year Class:  Characters Evolution: Application

Movement Maintenance / Practicing the Process / Staying Sharp Class


Interview required.


It is my belief the benefits of this technique go far beyond the scope of acting. I have observed, for over 12 years, the Transformative and Life-changing qualities it gives students as both actors and people.

This classes are perfect blend of the Williamson Technique, Alexander Technique & Laban Basics.


Willamson Technique

Alexander Technique

Good acting is a bit like Jazz and the way in which the musicians riff, play & improvise off each other. Like a ballet dancer always does plies' and a musician always does scales, through consistent movement practice your skills will become Muscle Memory and you will be completely free to trust your Actor’s Instrument.


This is done by creating a safe space where everyone in class is free to explore & rediscover themselves, in an environment where everyone has permission to express themselves fully without fear of judgment.


Creating this community for growth and discovery takes time and commitment. Showing up is paramount for this process to work, no exceptions. Often the greatest epiphanies occur on the days we don’t want to be there.


You will not only become a better actor, but most likely you will feel like a better person too! This practice serves the actor who is just getting started as well as the seasoned professional who is looking to stay sharp.


Much of life's conditioning creates mental, emotional and physical blocks from past experiences. Unprocessed experience literally gets stuck in the body in the form of tension patterns. People experience these blocks as fear, anxiety, depression, reactiveness and the list goes on. These habits (mental, emotional and physical) shape the quality of every aspect of our life.


When actors become emotionalized their body, breath and voice often seize up. Another common challenge is being truly vulnerable and connected to other actors and the imaginary circumstance. This class addresses those very issues and more.


Movement Class expands not only your range as an actor, it deepens you as a person to be more empathetic to yourself and better able to understand others. That tools and self knowledge allow one to truly understand, create and transform into the person they are playing.


In class students discover and gently peal back the layers of defense. Little by little people begin to let go of what they no longer need. This kind of freedom and self-understanding is absolutely essential to the Actor.


In all my teaching I create a safe space of honesty and acceptance to facilitate discovery, growth and healing. See what some of my students say.

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